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About Gwendolyn

Having dedicated most of her life to environmental science, Gwendolyn became a Lead Biological Scientist for U.S. Department of Defense - Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle District by the time she was 23 years old. With more than 10 years experience within environmental science she has taken her talent & expertise to the world of private consulting, proudly serving throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Personal Bio

NW Environmental Servies Owner
Environmental Scientist
NW Environmental Services

I am Gwendolyn Hannam, the owner of NW ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES, and I am an Environmental Service Consultant with a diverse background, extensive experience and a reputation for success, I am dedicated to providing environmentally sound solutions to meet my client’s needs

As an experienced taxonomist, with a M.Sc. in Taxonomy and Biodiversity of Plants from the University of Edinburgh & Royal Botanic Gardens, I have a keen interest in the lower plants, including phycology (algae), lichens, and most bryophytes (mosses, hornworts, and liverworts). However my taxonomic skills and training are broadly reaching, also having a B.Sc. in Oceanography from the University of Washington.

Professionally, I specialize in:
- Environmental Monitoring
- Water Quality Assessments and Monitoring
- Wetland Delineations
- Habitat Restoration Plans
- Data Management
- Preliminary Site Assessments
- Phycological Identification & Enumeration
- Soil Characterization
- Remediation & Mitigation

In addition, I can provide your organization with the data and reports required to make effective decisions about regulatory compliance, development, conservation, and sustainable land use.

My experience as a Lead Biological Scientist for the Federal Government, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle, allows me to design, lead, and execute research plans that meets both local and Federal Regulations.  I have a strong talent for creatively finding solutions specific to land development challenges while adhering to environmental regulations, company policies, and financial initiative to suit the needs of my clients.

As a highly accomplished and skilled environmental and sustainability specialist, I possess a wide range of knowledge and experience that will allow me to contribute toward the success of your projects.

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