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Wetland Delineation

In coordination with a young couple having just bought property, a preliminary critical area determination indicated wetlands present on the property.  The aim of this project was simply to provide the client with a wetland delineation.

Road Improvement

As a requirement by the County, this client needed to do some road improvement after heavy equipment would regularly cross over wetland and a fish-bearing stream during construction of their dream home.  This biological impact report was used in conjunction with the permit application. 

Preliminary Biological Assessment

After purchasing a parcel adjacent to a riverine, sitting on a bluff overlooking Puget Sound, this client needed a Preliminary Biological Assessment to present to the County during early stages of the developmental plans leading into the permitting process.

Wetland Mitigation Plan

With good intentions, this client found themselves seeking assistance when trying to restore a wetland in the back half of their property.  A full mitigation plan was drafted to create a healthy ecosystem that the wildlife and residents could enjoy

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