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What We Do

NW Environmental Services is dedicated to finding environmentally sound solutions, while maintaining compliance with environmental regulations.  Our quality of service is ensured by certified scientific expertise, clear communication, and years of experience in the industry. Staff ensures quality of service through efficacy & communication, and proudly serves Western Washington, including Whatcom, Skagit, Island, Snohomish, King, Pierce, Kitsap, Clallam, and Jefferson Counties.


Because each and every project is unique to the scope of work, please contact us for a quote!

Periodically NWES works in collaborative projects involving additional environmental consultancies

Wetland Resources

NWES collects data to inventory & delineate wetlands, and determines their ecological value & function to help prepare mitigation and/or restoration plans. These services are typically used in association with Land Use and Property Assessments. NWES is dedicated to navigating local critical area ordinance compliance for permitting processes.

Environmental Monitoring

Whether Marine, Freshwater, or Terrestrial, NWES designs, plans, and implements data collection to monitor a given parameter, NWES provides an Environmental Impact Assessment and a Habitat Management Plan. Specialities of our staff include bioindicators of Byrophytes, Freshwater & Marine Algae and Zooplankton.

Water Quality Monitoring and Assessments

We design, plan, and monitor water quality by measuring chemical, biological, and/or physical characteristics for policy regulation, and/or water management. Our staff is dedicated to following State and Federal Regulations of SEPA, NEPA, and the Clean Water Act, and keeps up to date on current regulations in Federal, State, and Local levels. Data management includes thorough analysis of datum collected and observed. Parameters measured include water quality, toxicity, and intended human uses in our Environmental Impact Assessments/Statements.

Taxonomic Identification

NWES designs, plans, and executes studies to assess biological and soil conditions of our natural resources. Through the procurement of scientific data, NWES provides comprehensive reports to help our clients understand the . Using hand lenses and light microscopy, NWES dedicates the time to identify correctly, followed by QA/QC measures.

AutoCAD Lt® Drafting

Providing technical 2D drawings to capture the plans of landscape design, habitat restorations, mitigation plans, and building design.

GIS, Aerial Mapping, Data Management and Statistical Analysis

Fundamentally, NWES work utilizes expert skills in study design and implementation, data management & statistical analysis, and is presented in the form of reports and GIS mapping. Whether large or small scale projects, our staff is dedicated to efficaciously analyzing the data, summarizing the results, graphing the datum, and mapping the results. We predominantly use Excel and GoogleEarth, though other software such as Access and ArcGIS have been used as well.

List of Specific Services & Products


Water Quality Surveys

Wetland and Soil Delineations

Ecological Assessments

Environmental Compliance

Habitat Management Plans

Phytoplankton Identification

Soil Typing Surveys

Restoration & Mitiation Planning

Landscape Design

Ordinary High Water Mark Determination

Angiosperm Identification

Bryophyte Identification

Lichen Identification

Invasive Species Surveys

Zooplankton Identification


Data Management


Draft Blueprints

GIS Maps

Sample Collection
Sampling Protocols & Experimental Design
Statistical Analysis


Biological Assessments

Environmental Impact Assessment
Ecological Risk Assessment
Environmental Mediation

Environmental Statement

Habitat Management Plan

Mitigation/Restoration Plan

Wetland Delineation

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